Let our business assessment experts help your management staff identify the root of the performance violation and guide them to the best solution.

The assessment scans a broad number of organizational groups, especially those performing similar operations to that group in which the violation occurred, so to identify the extent of condition of the undesired deviation and to broadly reinforce adherence to proper management standards.

For example;

When an employee sleeps on the job, a manager’s first task is to ascertain the reason for the fatigue: Is the worker hung over because of late-night partying or a second job? Is he suffering from a medical condition such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea? Does she use prescribed drugs or undergo medical procedures that leave her tired? Is he suffering unusual stress or anxiety that makes it hard to sleep? Perhaps life events—like a newborn—mean the worker is pulling all-nighters.

Once a manager has identified the reason for the sleepiness, the next task is deciding how best to address it—whether that means discipline, support for the worker or something else.


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