A sales coach will not be able to manage the results but he or she can manage the behaviors or the steps that the sales reps take to get to those results.

Keith Rosen said in his book Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, “Management is dead. Sales managers can’t just become sales coaching by changing their title without changing their skill set. The coaching model is based on the belief that the question is also the answer and that the coach is responsible for finding the answers themselves and developing their own problem-solving skills. Coaching uses a process of inquiry so that people can access their own energy or inner strength to reach their own level of awareness. Tapping into a person’s previously unused strengths and talents advance personal growth and learning, which challenges people to discover their personal best. Coaching is collaborative as well as interactive.”

An important thing to note is that to be an effective sales coach requires you to spend one-on-one dedicated time with each sales rep regularly. It also requires you to know each individual rep’s strengths, weaknesses, and key performance metrics.


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