Data Collection and Diagnosis

It's important that by acting as your consultant that we come up with own sense of the problem. Some consider this step to be where the consultant adds the most value. Out of this phase, we need to know who is going to be involved in defining the problem; what methods will be used; what kind of data should be collected; and how long will it take. The key here is to take the mountain of information that has been collected and reduce it so that it can be managed and understood by everyone involved.

  • Brief Assessment with immediate call to actions
  • Full Assessment with comprehensive strategic plan

As your consultant we must also decide how to involve the client in the process of analyzing the information. We can expect the possibility to encounter resistance when giving our feedback to the organization. No one really wants to hear negative talk about their business. But rest assured, we will logically handle this resistance before an appropriate decision can be made about how to proceed. This phase is pretty much what others call the planning phase and includes setting the goals for the project and selecting the best action steps.


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