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Capture the environmental, economic, and social impact of every aspect of your products and operations, simply and efficiently. We offer the world’s leading source of next-generation sustainability business technology and expertise, built over 15+ years. 

Powerful Features

A Pro Forma is the best way to better understand a business and its markets.

It can also show potential investors that all options open to, or affecting a business at a given time have been thought about thoroughly. 

Analyze Your Business

Primary Importance: 
Pro forma statements are used to create a budget and determine the need of the company for capital. This need can be short-term or long-term with the pro forma statement extending through years of growth. This gives management realistic numbers of cash needs. By anticipating this need, they won't be unprepared when the need is realized.

Adjustable Projections: 
Because pro forma statements are estimates, they are flexible and allow for things to be adjusted as needed. Whether they are changes made as suggestions by investors or other ideas that adjust costs, the pro forma statement is dynamic. As the company gets to the implementation stage, actual numbers easily replace the hypothetical assumptions to give an accurate depiction of costs, revenues, and returns on investment data.

Tap into:

Growth Opportunities

Pro forma statements can demonstrate the areas in which a company can grow by adjusting numbers that deal with distribution to affect the bottom line.

Capital Investors

When any company, young or old, seeks venture capital or bank financing, it will be required to produce balance sheets and financial statements. 


Established companies can take their actual financial statements and make adjustments based on pro forma data assumptions and find areas to cut costs, improve performance and generate more revenues.

Focus area's of the Pro Froma

Startup Funding

North West Consulting Start Up Funding Pro Forma

Market Analysis

North West Consulting Markey Analysis Pro Forma

Sales Forecast

North West Consulting Sales Forecast Pro Forma


North West Consulting Personnel Pro Forma

Profit & Loss

North West Consulting Profit & Loss Pro Forma

Break-even Analysis

North West Consulting Break-even Analysis Pro Forma

Cash Flow

North West Consulting Cash Flow Pro Forma

Balance Sheet

North West Consulting Balance Sheet Pro Forma

Business Ratios

North West Consulting Business Ratios Pro Forma

There are a total of 25 sections that encompass the full financial Pro Forma

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